Win Over Your Clients with Personalized Touches

When Mario DiLorenzo’s clients open their inbox or mailbox, they know they have a special message waiting for them.

The Chicago-based agent began sending his clients personalized messages after joining Keller Williams in 2015. In just two years, DiLorenzo has more than doubled his business by learning from those who have gone before him, picking up the tools from the Career Growth Initiative and implementing the 36 to Convert program, formerly 33 Touch. The philosophy is 36 client touches each year can exponentially increase an agent’s business and help them capture more money that is being left on the table.   

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50 Lead Generation Ideas to Achieve 100 Leads a Week

Sometimes, we tend to over-complicate the lead generation portion of our business. Sure, technology and social media that have allowed us to be more creative but at the heart of it all, the simple fact is that wherever people are, there’s an opportunity to find a prospective customer. Successful real estate agents know this and are always on the look-out for a good lead – even if it’s not the most obvious place. 

In KW MAPS Coaching’s BOLD Experience, students are challenged to think outside the sacred three-hour lead generation time block and make 100 contacts in a week. Does making 100 contacts in seven days seem like a daunting task to undertake? It might if you aren’t armed with lead generation ideas. Thankfully, we stumbled upon 50 from a KWU Master Faculty Instructor and team leader.

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13 Fun Ideas for Reconnecting with Your Metwork

Where will my next listing come from? 

If this question is keeping you up at night, STOP! The answer is right in front of you in your “Metwork.” Your “Mets” consist of people you have already met, whether it was today or folks you have known your entire life. These are friends and family members, business contacts, as well as past clients, who are a powerful source for listings and referrals.

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You Are One Download Away from More Leads and Listings

JD Tomlin, of the Keller Williams Realty Frisco (Texas) market center, was one of the early adopters of the KW Mobile App when it first launched in 2015, and he continues to see great success with it today! With 39 listings sold to date for the year, Tomlin is on track to reach his goal of 83 listings sold – and he credits the KW Mobile App and CGI tools for helping him get there!

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